Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm too young to feel this old

"I'm too young to feel this old" From Cold Desert by Kings of Leon

These guys have quickly become a new favorite of mine. They have an old school authentic rock sound that just feels like home to me. I don't think there is a song on their latest album (Only by the Night) that I don't thoroughly enjoy. Pensive guitar riffs, steady droning drums, and rich throaty vocals make you feel this music more than just listen to it.

Anyway, on to the song. This song, Cold Desert is the last on the new album. A fitting end to a well layed out and grounded album. I can't tell you how many times I've said those exact words to myself at different times in my life (speaking of course of the line at the top of this post). The funny thing is that I can remember saying it, but I don't recall what the motivation for the statement was for any of the times that I said it. What that says to me is that whatever was going on that was illiciting this emotion must not have been that big of a deal really. This points out the fact that we tend to take ourselves a bit too seriously. Situations come up and they can feel like the end of the world, but so far none of them have been. A few years goes by and we can't even recall what we were so caught up with. Thats the beauty of the human mind. We forget. We forget the pain of child birth, the heartache of love lost, and the sadness of loss. I'm not saying that the events are lost in the recesses of our minds, but rather that as time goes by the pain dulls until eventually you are able to move on.

Crazy, a simple line in a great song can inspire thoughts that don't really have anything to do with the song itself. Another great example of the power of music. If you ever get the opportunity, support the arts.

I couldn't find a decent live video of the song, but at least you can hear it below. Enjoy, and thanks to the Kings for a great album.

Peace within, peace without...J...


  1. I really like that line but what happens when the day comes that we're not too young to feel old?

  2. This guys are from Nashville and I remember the always playing around town before they got big, in fact I even met a few of them through a friend at a bar one night. I have to say.....I never found them or their music to be all that insightful but their most recent effort is good. And plus, sometimes your sound can provide all the insight you really need. That and lots and lots of drugs.

  3. I only feel old some mornings when i am stiff. Otherwise I stay creative and learning new stuff that matters. Good choice. Jerry W